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Artisan Craftsmen hand forming bathroom sinks of exceptional quality in our productive coastal Maine shop.

We serve selective clients - those who appreciate the extraordinary beauty of handcraft and those who delight in the everyday use of functional objects of artisanal quality.

The enduring strength of our Porcelain and Stoneware will gracefully serve your daily needs and survive to benefit your children and grandchildren.

We strive to produce the best possible product - excellence is our goal and functional beauty the only acceptable result.

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Bathroom Sinks & Vessel Sinks

Dan Weaver - Artisan
Rimmed Bathroom Sinks
Bathroom Vessel Sinks
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Dan Weaver - Making Wheel Thrown Sinks
Our sinks are Guaranteed to be free of defect in workmanship or materials for the lifetime of the original purchaser. We not only expect you to be pleased with our products - we single mindedly focus on that result. In three decades we have replaced only one sink due to defective material.  
Rimmed Sinks
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Rimmed Style Sink
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For thirty nine years Maine Kiln Works has been producing the very highest quality bath sinks and basins. Each unit in our Water Stone line is carefully designed and fully tested to guarantee your complete satisfaction with our product.

Using a range of specialized tools as well as traditional processes we individually form every sink. All are skillfully glazed and fired to full vitrification at 2400 F. Our quarter century of continuous production clearly demonstrates an uncompromising commitment to a unique product and a discriminating clientele.

We make a wide variety of sinks styles and sizes to accommodate virtually any installation requirements. These include Rimmed Sinks for counter top mounting, Vessel Sinks for counter surface mounting, Tile Top Sinks units for free standing vanity base installation, and Under Mount Sinks for under counter mounting.

Red Vessel Style Sink
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