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Artisan Craftsman - Dan Weaver

Cobalt Vessel Sink
White Vessel Sink
Ram Press
Red Vessel Sink
Rim Sink Installation
White Under Mount Sink
Dan & Joanna
Dan & daughter Joanna - September 2001

My name is Dan Weaver and I am the one and only MAKER for this site and its bath products. Every item on this site is a product of my own hand *. Each bath sink on the site was not only designed by me but individually hand formed by myself alone.

Additionally - I designed and developed this web site, photographing and edited all images, writing all text copy and maintaining the server.

As if the above was not enough to keep me fully occupied, I go the final step and manage all product marketing, sales and product shipping.

Please pursue the following link if reading about  my peculiarities interests rather than bores you. more bio

* I have on rare occasions had extra hands helping in the shop. This has always been apprenticing workers who were considering my line of work or the occasional family member who I tricked into painting my white picket fence.

Dan & Father
Me & Dad - 1946
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