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Water Stone – Sink Catalog

Cobalt Vessel Sink Vessel Style Basins – Vessels are designed to surface mount on top of your counter. They lend themselves to traditional as well as contemporary design while offering a wide range of unique installation possibilities. - click for details Unique Design
Bright color, clean line and precise detail characterize the relaxed simplicity of our bath sinks and basins. The ubiquitous bowl - practical container and universal symbol - finds classic expression in our Water Stone line.

As a container for flowing water, our sinks are the simplest of functional forms. Believing that our everyday environment reflects as well as enhances the quality of our lives - our work is focused to bring beauty and utility to the objects that surround us.

I have always had an affinity for the simplicity of functional design. With great satisfaction I offer our range of sinks for your everyday use and enjoyment.

Tan Rim Sink Rimmed Sinks – Self rimming basins are designed for fixed counter top installation. They compliment the full range of counter surfaces and adapt easily to a broad spectrum of design requirements - - see details
Tile Top Sink Tile Top Sinks – Our tile top units are similar in function and style to turn of the century marble top sinks. In the early 70’s we made our first bowl to replace a broken original beneath an old marble top. This style is designed to mount above a free standing cabinet base as shown in the adjacent photo. Each tile top is a single vitreous slab with cutouts for the sink bowl and fixture sets. Tops are finished with our bright white glaze and bowls are available in a range of contrasting colors.
- click for details
Rim Sink Installation Installation Examples – Our home & bath basins beautifully compliment both traditional and contemporary design and blend with a broad range of materials and color schemes - click for details
Glaze Samples –All of our glazes display a rich tonal range which can only be fully appreciated by seeing an actual example of the fired glaze. We would be happy to send you glaze samples so you may personally see the variation - click for details
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