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Yoshi Schranil 's Hands — At The Potter's Wheel


In the late ‘60’s and early ‘70’s, I was a novice pottery student at The University of Dallas. During this period I was quite involved in photography as well as clay work and I took this picture of a fellow student, Yoshi Schranil, centering clay on the potter's wheel. Yoshi and I spent many hours throwing in front of a row of tall south facing windows in the clay studio. This image is just one frame from a group of exposures that all turned out very well. The light that day had an extraordinary quality that gave a remarkable emphasis to Yoshi’s slip covered hands working clay. I have used this image many times over the years as it illustrates well my daily process of working clay on the wheel. Almost everyone assumes the hands are mine and so I have often taken the time to describe the photos origin.

I have been asked many times to make prints of this image and I do make them available for purchase to anyone who expresses their interest.

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