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Bathroom Sink Installation & Design


Bath Style
With a broad range of sink sizes and styles - Water Stone basins complement and blend with virtually any bath design. From Contemporary to Classic to Craftsman Style Homes - we have units beautifully suited to your requirements.

For over thirty five years we have supplied the very highest quality bathroom sinks and bathroom vessels for stellar installations in the most exclusive homes throughout the country. Our sinks are installed in prestigious traditional Hotels - like the Hay Adams in Washington DC, exclusive New York Spas and secluded back country resorts, in the homes of exclusive clients from Nova Scotia to Key West - from the Isle of Wight to the Alaskan coast.

Our installations include custom fitted and sized tiles with coordinated under mount basins as well as duplications of turn of the century antique sinks unavailable from any commercial source.

We were recently contacted by a client who was delighted to be able to purchase a second sink to complement the one they purchased 28 years earlier.

On another recent occasion we supplied four tile top sinks to a client who was pleased to say that their other two sinks were as beautiful today as when they were installed almost 20 years ago.

Within this past year I received my second order for an unusually shaped sink from the very patron that purchased one of my very first sinks over 30 years ago. Their original purchase has been in continuous use in a Maine Coastal Inn for all of the intervening period.

One client was pleased to announce that he had carefully removed his long used sink so he could sell his home and re-install the - like new - basin in his newly purchased residence.

Vessel Sink Installation Contemporary-
This beautiful example of contemporary bath design features our Red & Black 16 inch Vessel. This client designed installation sensitively contrasts color, texture, detail, and reflected light to a stunning effect. Each element is carefully balanced, creating an installation of relaxed and sophisticated simplicity. This is one of my all time favorite installation.

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Rim Sink Installation Classic Bath - Blas Bruno is a talented Architect with offices in Blue Hill, Maine and a long time advocate of our sinks. He has specified and created  multiple installations for our basins in many of the beautiful homes that he designs. This is a wonderful example of his work - with our Turquoise Rimmed sink as a bright color focus - which frequently contrasts wood tones and bright tiled surfaces. - details
Hay Adams Installation Hay Adam Hotel - This is an example of a custom tile top installation at the executive suite of Time Life Inc. at the Hay Adams Hotel in Washington, DC. Under mount basin, counter tiles and back splash tiles were made to the architect's specifications.
Blue Sink Installation Maine Coast - This clean white counter and bright room beautifully accent the softly reflective blue glaze. The simple character of this installation perfectly complements this Maine coastal home.
Tile Top Sink - Our large tile top unit with Blue Under Mount bowl installed on a naturally finished red oak cabinet base. The simple design of the wood cabinet compliments the contrasting glazes of the tile top and bowl. The 8” center antique style fixture set directly mounts in holes provided in the top tile. All tile tops are finished with our White glaze with a full range of colors available for the under mount bowls.
Tile Top Installation Post & Beam - This photo show the installation of a tile top unit in a newly constructed post and beam home. The simplicity of the straightforward tile top blends beautifully with bright finished native pine and spruce used throughout this traditionally constructed home. This installation clearly shows that an application need not be elaborate or involve counter top construction.
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