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Water Stone — News & Development

We seem to be in a constant state of flux - driven by the need to stabilize an unending series of technical challenges, develop new ways to better utilize our shop space and my ceaseless addiction to maintaining an bottomless list of back-to-back projects.

One of my best sink customers - very accurately described me as a "one armed paper hanger". I am always behind and I find that I am reluctantly beginning to accept this as normal.

I am resigned to always being behind because this is what it takes to do quality work in a one-man shop. This may soon change as I engage my potter's apprentice program and then again it may not. Hand work - done well - takes a great deal of time.

Sink Shop Expansion – Having tried every trick to maximize the use of our original shop space - we finally gave up and built a three floor - 4000 square foot shop addition to accommodate our increasing sink production needs - click for details
Apprentice Program - We have a well established Apprentice program to provide hands-on clay working experience in exchange for room and board and daily participation in our production cycle - click for details
Porcelain Sinks – Porcelain is a beautiful and demanding material that I have recently applied to sink production. I am very pleased to now offer Porcelain as well as our range of Stoneware sinks - click for details
Glaze Samples – Over a period of time we have developed these small glaze sample dishes so you can fully appreciated our glazes by seeing an actual fired example prior to choosing which sink to order - click for details
Porcelain Jewel – This is a web site for my sinks but this is definitely not a sink. I actually make many pieces in addition to my sinks. This is a very small example of my non-sink production - click for details
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