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Water Stone – Porcelain Sinks

  Clean & White
For the past half dozen years I have been steadily working to develop a line of Porcelain Sinks to complement my Stoneware offerings.

The tonal range of Stoneware glazes are influenced by the relatively higher iron content of the clay body formula – resulting in a beautifully warm color pallet which is very appealing.

Stonewares are characteristically flecked with random iron speckling giving a relaxed informal quality to the finished product

Porcelain glazes - on the other hand - are characterized by cooler tones and more fluid glaze transparency.

The classic oriental Celadons are very representative of the glaze effects possible over a pure white Porcelain clay body. Porcelain glaze surfaces are silky smooth and completely free of random speckling characteristic of stonewares.

White glazed Porcelains are very clean and pure with a tonal range only effected by the underlying formal contours.

Green Celadon Porcelain Vessel Sink
Green Celadon - Porcelain Vessel Style Sink
Amber Celadon Porcelain Rim Sink
Amber Celadon - Porcelain Rim Sink
Chun Blue Celadon Porcelain Vessel Sink   Satin Black Porcelain Vessel Sink   Green Celadon Porcelain Vessel Sink
Chun Blue Celadon   Satin Black   Green Celadon
Cobalt Glaze Porcelain Vessel Sink Black Glaze Porcelain Vessel Sink White Glaze Porcelain Vessel Sink
Cobalt - Ribbed Black - Ribbed White - Ribbed
Bronze Porcelain Rimmed Sink White Glaze Porcelain Rimmed Sink Amber Glaze Porcelain Rimmed Sink
Bronze - Ribbed White - Ribbed Amber - Celadon
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