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Sink Craft Techniques & Descriptions


Hand Craft
in my practice and understanding is the careful application of traditionally based artisan skills. My skills as are strengthened - not diminished - by the use of appropriate tools and technology.

Quality hand craft is not - in my opinion - adequately defined by single minded devotion to the traditional methods. Artisans of all ages sought the best materials and tools available at the time. As a potter in the 21st century - I am dynamically redefining a traditional craft.

As the son of an engineer - I delight in appropriate tools and processes. Process always defines and determines result. A crisp smooth process will always produce in kind. In my understanding - form does indeed follow function.

Dan Throwing Wheel Thrown Basins - After a quarter century of wheel throwing sink basins the process has been refined and streamlined to control the result. Though I  work as quickly as possible, each sink is necessarily hand formed and the results of eye and hand in each piece are unique. Finger ridges and marks of the process are clearly evident in the finish glazed basin with each hand thrown unit varying somewhat in shape, detail, and size.
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Sink Off Press Press Forming - In 2001 I added a ram press to our shop and we have begun press forming the basic 16 inch sink basin. This basic bowl is then finished in the traditional way by hand forming the overflow reservoir and tunnel to complete the basin. Ram pressing has advantages and disadvantages over our standard wheel worked form and we ultimately select the most appropriate and reliable method for the finished product.
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Tile Making Forming Tiles - Tiles for our tile top units are roughly formed with our slab roller - a large manually operated rolling pin. Rolled to approximately one inch in thickness the slabs are then cut and trimmed to templates for each specific sink size and configuration. All templates are made larger to compensate for approximately 10% shrinkage through drying and our bisque-glaze firing schedule.
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