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Tile Top Sinks


Tile Top Sinks – are designed to be mounted on a free standing cabinet base as shown in the photo at left. They are made in a number of different sizes and proportions to accommodate both commercially available and custom designed cabinet bases. We make Tile Tops for limited spaces as well as tops and bowls for corner sink installations.

Our Tile Top units are similar in function and style to turn of the century marble top sinks. In the early 70’s we made our first bowl to replace a broken original beneath an antique marble top. From this modest beginning we now make a broad range of sink styles and sizes.

Each Tile Top is a single vitreous slab with cutouts for the sink bowl and fixture sets. Units are typically supplied to accommodate 8 inch center fixture sets but 4 inch center and single hole European style fixture options are available as well.

Stoneware tops are finished with our durable white glaze. Stoneware and Porcelain bowls are available in a range of contrasting glaze colors. Stoneware back splash tiles are also available to match the width of the tile top.

Tile Top units are available in the following standard sizes — priced as indicated.


Tile Top Sinks - Stoneware

Large Tile Top - 25"wide x 22" deep

13" Bowl Opening

$585.00 without overflow

$685.00 with overflow

Standard Tile Top - 25"wide x 20" deep 13" Bowl Opening

$565.00 without overflow

$665.00 with overflow

Medium Tile Top - 22"wide x 20" deep

13" Bowl Opening

$545.00 without overflow

$645.00 with overflow

Small Tile Top - 20"wide x 18" deep

12" Bowl Opening

$525.00 without overflow

$625.00 with overflow


Tile Top Sink - Oak Cabinet Base
Tile Top Sink - Red Bowl
Tile Top Sink - Tan Bowl
Tile Top Sink - Blue Celadon Bowl
Tile Top Sink - Amber Celadon Bowl
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