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Red Black

White - Ribbed

Tan - Spirals

Cobalt - Spirals

Blue Oval

White - Smooth

Black - Ribbed

Korean Celadon

Vessels Porcelain

Blue Celadon

Satin Black - Rib

Satin Black - Sm

Green Celadon

Cobalt - Spiral

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Vessel Style Sinks


Vessel Sinks
Blend beautifully with a range of bath styles from fresh contemporary to traditional craftsman style.

Vessel style basins - our most popular unit - are designed to surface mount on top of your counter and are typically supplied without sink overflow.

As an alternative we frequently supply Rimmed Sinks - glazed on both sides - to be mounted as counter top Vessels.

With appropriate counter cutouts - Vessels can also be mounted to expose a range of above-counter rim heights.

Blue Vessel Sink   Red Black Vessel Sink   White Vessel Sink  
Blue - Spirals   Red - Black   White -Ribbed  
Tan Vessel Sink Cobalt Vessel Sink Blue Oval Vessel Sink
Tan - Spirals   Cobalt - Ribbed   Blue Oval - Overflow
White Vessel Sink Black Vessel Sink Celadon Vessel Sink
White - Smooth Black - Ribbed Korean Celadon
Chun Blue Vessel Sink Satin Black Vessel Sink Green Celadon Vessel Sink
Chun Blue Celadon Satin Black Green Celadon
Cobalt Vessel Sink Black Vessel Sink White Vessel Sink
Cobalt - Ribbed Black - Ribbed White - Ribbed
Cobalt Vessel Sink   Black Vessel Sink   White Vessel Sink
Bronze - Ribbed   Cobalt - Gloss   White - Smooth
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